Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adding New Comics (Kind of Slowly?)

Hey guys,

This is just a post to let everyone who is submitting comics know that we are not ignoring your requests! We've just been getting a lot and it's kind of hard for two college kids to keep up with the list. We will keep up with it, but it might take a day or two after you submit (unfortunately).

We planned on eventually having an automated submission process, but we also planned on not having this many submissions early on, haha. I'm not saying it's bad that there are a lot of submissions (because it's actually great), we just weren't ready.

So basically the plot of this message is that we aren't ignoring your requests.

Also, this isn't at all meant to deter people from sending in comics, because we love getting submissions and have had a lot of fun reading through them. So keep sending them in!

EDIT: We've updated the submission guidelines, so be sure to check them out before submitting.



Tom said...

Do you mind if I add one more to your list? It's my comic! Theater Hopper!

My RSS feed can be found at

I look forward to participating in your site soon. Totally willing to give you guys a plug from my blog once I'm in the system.


Phob said...

I think this site is pretty friggin' great but it definitely needs automatic submission if it wants to grow any bigger.

Zack Divozzo said...

@Phob: Oh man do we know that. We're working on something, but we're also having to tweak the site in other ways. Also, it's finals week. So yeah, it might be a week or two, but we'll definitely have something.

Anonymous said...

Glad to find your site! I love funnies.

By and by, has become one of my favorite sites. single panel comics. updated daily. gigantic archives. some misses in there, but so many home runs! i give it a solid 89 out of 100.

scottjg said...

@Adam I think you'll have to talk to Drew (the author) of Toothpaste for Dinner about that. He told us he didn't want to be on the site which is totally his choice, and we respect it. So unless he gives us permission, I guess our hands are tied.

Anonymous said...

how about
please could you add it to the list?

the feed is at